At the time of writing (in 2019) I’m a thirty-nine year old accountant who writes about how he escapes the stresses and pressures of daily life by getting outside and being more adventurous.

This blog was born in 2019 out of a desperate attempt to escape the things that were pushing me towards a mental breakdown.

The cumulative pressures caused by over 15 years of career-building, a side business of my own and providing for and supporting a family started to wear me down. I just didn’t have much left in the tank.

Some days I would be absolutely fine and other days a black cloud would roll over me. This was confusing because I had a good job and my small bookkeeping firm was doing well. And most importantly I had a wonderful wife and three beautiful children.

I was a lucky man. And I knew it!

The issues I faced were internal and nothing to do with my outward circumstances. I was simply becoming unwell.

On one of the days when the ‘black cloud’ rolled in hard I threw my coat on and left the office to go for a walk. I needed air and some space.

I went into W. H. Smiths and Alastair Humphreys’ book Microadventures jumped out at me from the bookshelf. I pick it up immediately and purchased it. I was like a drowning man grabbing desperately at a life ring.

Simply getting outside and escaping reality is a great healer and I now engage in as many mini-escapes and microadventures as I can squeeze in around my daily life.

This blog is about short outdoor escapes and activities that help to provide distance from the problems of daily life.