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Encouraging Our Kids To Embrace Childhood Adventure

childhood adventure

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Childhood Adventure

When I was a kid I spent a lot of time outside. I mean, a LOT of time!

I grew up on the Isle of Sheppey and spent long summer days at the beach. I roamed far and wide on my trusty steed (mountain bike) and played in the fields and thickets around Eastchurch. A climber of trees. A trespasser of fields. A scrumper of apples! I set camp fires and built bases. In other words, I embraced childhood adventure!

I’m sure you were the same when you were a child.

Somewhere along the way I just stopped getting out there. The adult world has a habit of killing us off slowly by chaining us to a desk or enslaving us to mobile phones, tablets and Netflix. We start to get fat (or fatter) like the human characters in Wall-E.

I look around and see today’s children (already) enslaved by mobile phone apps. They haven’t even hit puberty and they’re already deep inside the Matrix. What happened to getting outside and having some adventure?!

Oh god! Have I turned into one of those old men (I’m only 39) that says things like: “In my day …” or “This all used to be fields”?

I have a thirteen year old daughter who’s definitely plugged into the Matrix. I also have two young sons who are still toddlers. Maybe there’s still time for me to instill a sense of childhood adventure in them if I take them with me on regular outdoor adventures.

A belated New Year’s resolution perhaps?!

I’m keen to hear from you if you take your own kids with you when you get outdoors.

Please leave a comment below … especially if you have ideas about what young kids would find exciting.

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